Setup Change Log


  • Version Control System (Git) and a Issue Tracker (JIRA).
  • Create a JIRA issue for every change, regardless of whether it's a feature or a fix, and reference the ID in the Git commit message.
  • Align your JIRA projects with your version control repositories, so that each repo has its own JIRA project and its own set of JIRA fix versions.
    • Align the repositories with your managed packages or with your implementation customers.
  • Ideally, merge new work into an integration branch (such as "stage", "staging", or  "develop"), and then into a master or version branch.
  • During development, preface each commit message with the JIRA ID.
    • "ABC-123 Stub out the controller component"
    • If there are multiple commits for one issue, to simplify the audit trail, ideally, when merging into the default branch, squash the commits into a single entry.

For each major release series

    • fixVersion in ("ABC 12.0.0") order by Key     
  • Under Display Options, select Table and the columns you'd like to show.
    • For example: KeySummaryDescription.
      • If your Description field isn't the best fit for a change log, try to add a new field to JIRA, such as "Change Log Entry".

For each new version

  • Copy the macro setup from the prior version, and adjust the macro filter.

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