Working with Environments

  • Demo Orgs Ready to UseSales demos and other trials also arrive pre-configured and ready to go, without routine manual steps. (SF orgs are configured by using Proxy Signup to modify the trials in-flight.) (TBD)
  • Dev Orgs Ready to UseMP development environments arrive ready-to-go. Developers sign-in-and-go without so much as setting a password.  (TBD)
  • Start New TaskAutomated Task Branching - Task branches and pull requests can be managed by running a build when development work begins, without special knowledge of Git. (TBD)
  • Ready to ReviewAutomated Pull Requests - Any changes made to the development environment can be automatically committed back to version control, without special knowledge of GitThis task automatically updates the package manifest (by retrieving the package by name). (TBD)
  • Data to GoReady to Review includes changes to the mock sample data. (TBD)
  • Ready to Use IDE Support(sf) IDEs can be attached to development environments without cloning the Git repository to a local workstation. The native developer UIs can also be used to make changes to be placed under version control. (TBD)

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