Provisioning Environments

  • Disposable Dev and Demo EnvironmentsSingle-use development or demo instances are provisioned from source control, used briefly for a single task or feature, and then discarded. For Salesforce, environments may be provisioned from an Enterprise Edition Org with Sandboxes, a Scratch Org Dev Hub (beta), or a Trialforce Source Org (partners). (TBD)
  • Build Request FormSupplemental builds can be launched from the business org or secure web site, without visiting external sites or servers. (TBD)
  • Mock DemosSales demos are based on a thoughtfully designed mock customer, complete with realistic mock data, designed to be used with trials. (TBD)
  • MP Task Orgs(sf) For managed packages, Trialforce is used to create new environments from on a secure Visualforce page, or DX is used at the command line by Platform Developers. (TBD)
  • CS Task Sandboxes(sf) For consultants, developer sandboxes are provisioned and populated with a scrubbed subset of the customer's production data, and a full sandbox is used to integrate changes for customer acceptance testing. (TBD)
  • Org Request FormEnvironment requests can be launched from the business org, or secure web site, without visiting external sites or servers. (TBD)
  • ChatOpsEnvironments can also be provisioned by querying a robot service in a chat room (Doggles in HipChat).  (TBD)
  • Clean Orgs(sf) DX Scratch Orgs are used, or spurious metadata is scrubbed from other development environments, so that the environment only contains components found in the target package. (TBD)
  • Mock OrgsFor MPs, the development environment is based on the primary Sales Demo and includes realistic mock data bundled with the trial. For CSs, the development sandboxes include a subset of customer production data loaded with a build agent. (TBD)
  • Mock PackageThe core Sales Demo is handled as a package so that it can be redistributed to more than one environment type. (TBD)
  • Role OrgsMP staff and partners can provision different types of trials according to each person's role, with either source code or packages installed (development, testing, training, and/or sales use). (TBD)
  • Cohort OrgsMP environments are provisioned to represent different segments of its subscriber base, pre-configured with settings and data appropriate to each segment. (TBD)
  • Development Environments on DemandA working development environment can be automatically provisioned by developers, as needed, either through an online request form or ChatOps. 

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