Documenting Change

  • ApexDocsGlobal classes are documented with ApexDocs and available through the help site. (TBD)
  • API DocumentationDescribe what services your application programming interface offers and how other people can use those services. (TBD)
  • Context HelpHelp for this Page is extended for new tabs, updated as needed, and linked to Help Site. (TBD)
  • Developer Design DocumentsDocument key aspects of the application design for the benefit of other developers, and your future self. (TBD)
  • Evergreen Help SiteThe Preview and GA help sites are updated within each sprint to cover new tasks, topics, and references meaningful to end-users.  (TBD)
  • Help SiteHelp topics are provided for all subscriber-facing capabilities. (TBD)
  • OctoDocsOther shared components are documented with Octopus (TBD)
  • Technical Change LogItemize each work item merged into a given work increment, and provide a standard description of the change. (TBD)
  • Troubleshooting ArticlesCapture how unusual and everyday problems were solved, in case the issue reoccurs. (TBD)
  • Value Stream MapA value stream is the series of activities used by an organization to deliver a product or service to an external or internal customer. A value stream map breaks down the process time for each activity, the lead time between activities, and the success rate. The map is depicted as a flow chart annotated with key metrics. Key metrics are lead time, process time, activity ratio, rolled % complete & accurate. Often a current state map is used to derive a future state map with process improvements.

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