Integrating Change - Deploy

  • Batch Size of OneSuccessful builds are automatically uploaded to a proxy test package, push deployed to a firewall sandbox instance, and subjected to a full set of regression tests. (TBD)
  • Dev TSO Template Refresh(sf) At the end of the sprint, a new development TSO templates is provisioned, in case it is needed for patch development. (TBD)
  • GNG BaselineJust prior to the sprint retrospective, a master pull request and an updated change log are generated, for review at the retrospective and Go/NoGo meeting.  (TBD)
  • Go/NoGoFollowing the Sprint Review and Retrospective, stakeholders meet to determine if the new work increment is potentially releasable, or whether there are known impediments. (TBD)
  • TSO Template BotA Selenium script automates provisioning the templates, and the confirmation email is processed as an inbound message and parsed. New template ID is captured in an object and made available to ChatOps and Visualforce Request form. (TBD)
  • UI RegressionsSelenium Nightwatch tests are included where appropriate to assure that the user interface will continue to work as expected. (TBD)

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