Preparing New Versions

  • Milestone TSO Source Template(sf) When creating a transient branch, a new trial template is provisioned to represent the new version. (TBD)
  • New Version Agile BoardThe version creation and validation process is tracked in a shared checklist and/or Agile board, and included in the issue tracker. (TBD)
  • Transient BranchTo freeze the work increment being released, a temporary branch is created from develop, and a pull request created from the transient branch to packaging or production. (TBD)
  • Tag IssuesIdentify the changes for the new version by tagging the corresponding JIRA issues. (May be done in GNG Baseline.) (TBD)
  • Automatic Change LogThe change log is determined by observing the Git pull request, with little or no human intervention. (TBD)
  • Merge and DeployThe new increment is merged, and deployed to the packaging org or production (using the Ant Migration Tool or SFDX tool). All metadata in the repository is deployed using a blank manifest (TBD)
  • Tag RepositoryThe packaging or production branch in Git is tagged using the JIRA version ID. (TBD)
  • Firewall Install TestInstall the new version into the firewall sandbox environment.  (TBD)
  • Upgrade Install TestUpgrade a GA trial environment to the latest version.  (TBD)
  • Upgrade Preview TSOInstall the new version into the Preview TSO, which generates production-like environments. (TBD)
  • One Button Milestone InstallThe Firewall and Upgrade Sandbox Install and Test tasks are automated, and, on success, trigger the GA Trial success, and ultimately the TSO install. (TBD)
  • No Pull Request Left BehindPrior to merging a new work increment, open pull requests from prior sprints are reviewed, to ensure completed work is not left outstanding. (TBD)
  • Version Agile BoardA version agile board tracks the progress of a set of changes from build to operate. The board provides columns to represents phases of work, such as To Do, Building, Certifying, Deploying. The board may include preview, general, and maintenance releases.  (TBD)

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