With a little help from our friends – It's still early in the process, but we've already received some excellent notes form early reviewers. If you have any feedback for us, please reach out to us via < at>.

DevOps Platform. Atlassian is a great platform, but it's also an additional cost. What about using GitHub and the Agile Accelerator instead?

  • Yes, other devops platforms are certainly an option. Our intent with the guide is to first present how we actually do things ourselves in real life, in enough specific, opinionated detail that others can easily standup their own version of the pipeline. Certainly, the guide could also offer alternate paths through the pipeline. If anyone is able to contribute an instruction set for implementing continuous delivery on a different platform at the same level of detail, please contact us at < at>.

Extension Packages. Details about developing and testing multi-package applications seems to be lacking. Wouldn't a lot of ISVs who need this level of automation also need extension packages, which can be difficult to develop and test.

  • Yes, that's true.We're actively seeking any notes or best practices to share for extension packages from people who have been using them for several yeares. We are using two extension packages at NimbleUser, but we're in our first year, and we're so still learning our way around. A driver for DreamOps is give practitioners a chance to share hard-earned practical knowledge, so that we can all work together to take to the next level. 
  • Once we have gotten through the first iteration of the full-blown pipeline, we can circle back and create adoption paths, so that people can build up their own pipeline bit by bit.

Scope. The scope of the guide seems overwhelming. It covers every nuance of the package platform – setting up an org with data, running tests, uploading, deployment, help and training – for someone new to the platform, they might be frightened off to think of all the infrastructure that is needed before they can start solving their business problem.

  • To be fair, much of the ground we cover needs to be covered on every platform, whether is Java, .NET, Node, or Apex. About both Continuous Delivery and A driver for the guide is to set out everything we wish we knew in 2011, when we started to develop our first managed package. The guide is comprehensive and  opinionated because we want to make setting up the pipeline as painless as possible. We also want to provide enough context so that other practitioners an offer specific advice as how we can improve.

Open Forum. Is there a place where we can ask general questions about the guide, or other aspects of continuous delivery on