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Give credit where credit is due – The DreamOps guide is made possible through the support of several organizations and individuals.

Nimble AMS LogoThe core principles and technologies behind the DreamOps Experience were developed while creating the Nimble AMS managed package. Kudos to NimbleUser for sharing and advancing the knowledge that we all need to enjoy the ride!

Atlassian LogoImplementing and maintaining the DreamOps Guide is made much simpler through use of the Atlassian software development and collaboration tools. Props to Altassian for everything this organization does to support both open source and for-profit development communities, from startup to enterprise scale.

DreamOps LogoThe Guide is part of a suite of resources made available under the DreamOps banner. Please visit www.dreamops.org to find out more about how we can help each other take Force.com to the next level.

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  • The DreamOps vision to detail the full spectrum of capabilities needed to implement a true DevOps pipeline on the force.com platform.
  • The DreamOps mission is to help people build sophisticated force.com managed packages by sharing proven techniques that we can each adopt and adapt.