Determine Naming Conventions

Before creating too many components and environments, it's a good idea to set down a set of naming conventions.

The best time to create conventions is when you are just beginning. Of course, it's also the worst time, since you have no idea what will need to name down the road.

Here's a set of naming conventions that you can adapt and adopt for your own use. Some of the conventions use the package prefix, which we indicate as PREFIX. We also recommend using the issue tracking ID as an identifier, which we indicate as TASKID.


Field Names in PackagesCamel case, no internal underscores - MyField__PREFIX
Packaging Org

Patch Org

Branch Orgadmin@PREFIX.branch
Trialforce Source Org for
Trial instance for developmentadmin@PREFIX.TASKID

Trialforce Source Org with package installed

  • GA Channel


Trialforce Source Org with package installed

  • Preview Channel

Upgrade Test Org

  • GA Channel sandbox


 Upgrade Test Org
  • Preview Channel


If you used a different convention for your packaging org, and would like to change it now, you can change the user name whenever you like, so long as no one else is using your new choice.


 ItemAudience Example 
Custom Object Description Style(Admin/Developer)(TBD)
Custom Field Help Text Style (User)(TBD)
Custom Field Description Style (Admin)(TBD)


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