Adapt, adopt, and improve – Checklists are the DreamOps katas. Using a checklist helps you complete routine tasks quickly and reliably. By adopting and adapting these templates to your own environment, you can continuously improve as your process grows.

Use Task Lists to Get More Done Better

As much as we try to Automate All The Things, it's still easy to find yourself walking through routine tasks with only a few simple steps. On busy days, it's easy to miss a step, and on busier days, you might gloss over fine details – that come back to bite you later.

Develop Task Checklist

All work in the Scrum Backlog is represented with JIRA issues. The Develop Agile Board has four columns that we use to handle a JIRA Task or Story Issue (To Do, Code Review, User Testing, Success). Before pulling an issue to the next column, please review each essential checkpoint for the current column.

Upload Version Checklist

Complete these steps whenever a new version of a managed or unmanaged package is uploaded for distribution.

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